We providing Hire purchase, Leasing and Rent for our customers to choose from. We also have strong alliance that also can support the customers in purchasing our products


“Our one stop service” We give customers full support in every direction in helping customers get their trucks licensing plate to be able to use on the road under the Thai road regulation.


Our service is at 24 Hour for 7 days. We help customer with insurance whether its 1st class or 3rd class insurance customer can use our service at all time which can save a lot of time in dealing with the 3rd party.


Full expert in assembling, we have gained and obtained the standard in assembling for both SKD and CKD in Thailand.

Repairing and Painting

Our services are here in every way to support our customers. Repairing parts and painting are our advantages that can provide to our customers satisfaction. Whether it’s a small or big damages we can do it all! With our quality control and standard will assure that our services will never let you down.

Conversion CNG/LNG/EV

With our expertise in this field for more than 40 years we can help our customer decides which suits best for their work. Conversion made easy! We have our team that will support our customers from the start to finish. Whether its going to be CNG/ LNG or EV.

LNG Installation

For customers that interest in LNG installation we have partners from all over the world that provide the LNG equipments for us that equipped with ISO standard. Come and talk to us to get to know more about the products.

Second Hand Trucks and Trade-In

We give guarantee and offer to our customers that would like to trade in for new trucks when its come to an end to their contracts. For our second hand trucks we can guarantee great offers and also give out great warranty to our customers that interests in lowering their cost.