Found in 1953 is a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Changchun, China. They mainly engaged in automobiles such as passengers cars, buses , trucks and automotive components. In 1990 Volkswagen became the first foreign company to joint venture with FAW.

Later on in 2002 FAW has strengthen its joint venture with Japanese – Toyota and then (2009) General Motor of the US based company. Moreover , this has no stop to it they continue to be attracted by overseas partners later they also joint ventures and also manufactures the likes of Audi and Mazda.

For diesel engines we have chosen FAW Diesel engines which manufactured in Wuxi and has world class facilities with R&D centers and consist of European standards. The company produces seven diesel engines platforms which covers 2 – 13 liters and the rate ranges 46HP – 500HP (Euro 2 – Euro 6).

We have chosen the right engines to suits the market of Thailand users. With all of the engines have met the European standards and also low emission control which is safe for the earth and save for the trucks owners. The engines are equipped with European electric system such as BOSCH and other high technology goods such as common rail , over head camshaft ,direct injection and etc.

Eaton AMT Transmission

Do all the hard works with ease

Driveline Protection Features

  • Stall Preventation
  • Engine Overspeed Protection
  • Clutch Abuse Protection
  • Auto gear select
  • Hill Start Aid

Driver Interface Simple and Intuitive

  • Manual override available
  • Low mode
  • Button shifting in drive, reverse, manual and low modes

Technical Features

  • Fully automated two-pedal design (no clutch pedal)
  • Electric Clutch Actuator (ECA) provides smooth engagement
  • Safety features include auto neutral and intelligent Hill Start Aid, which prevents roll-back and roll-forward while launching on grades using foundation wheel brakes
  • Automatic, Manual and Low modes offer driver full control
  • Creep Mode allows the vehicle to be driven at a constant speed (optional)
  • Paired to the highest torque engines available today with torque capacities ranging from 1450 lb-ft (1966 Nm) through 1850 lb-ft* (2508 Nm)

Eaton Manual Transmission

Get full control with this one

Models in this series provide nine forward speeds and two reverse gears.

The 1st position in the front section is used only as a starting pier. The other four ratios are used once in LO range and once again in HI range.

After shifting out on the 1st position, use the easy Roadranger repeat “H” shift pattern. LO range and HI range are selected with the range Knob / Range Lever. It is used once during the upshift sequence and once during the downshift sequence.

Is the most efficient heavy-duty manual transmission available. Precision Lubrication technology reduces oil churning losses and eliminates the need for a transmission cooler. The advanced design trims weight, without sacrificing strength, by replacing the cast iron shift bar housing, rear cover, and range cylinder with aluminum.

Weichai CNG Engines

Super energy-saver with super powerful

Founded in 1946, Weichai is one of the biggest automobile and equipment manufacturing groups Weichai Group is the only enterprise that possesses automotive, construction machinery, powertrain system, luxury yacht and finance & services.

Weichai Westport Inc. is the specific business unit within Weichai facilities for the manufacture of new energy engines. The enterprise was set up in 1999 and now has annual production of 20,000 engines. Now Weichai Westport inc is in the HK and Shenzhen stock exchange (HK2338, SZ000338).

It occupies an area of over 20,000 sqm which include advance R&D and engine test laboratories. The products are Widely use in city bus , coach heavy duty etc. We have chosen a wide range of Natural gas engines that meets European standards and equipped such as WABCO electric system to suit to the Thai market which cover from model WP7 – WP12 (210hp – 380hp) from Euro 3 -4.

The most comfortable cabin

The long journeys without any tiredness

A great cabin of modern interior that allows driver to feel in a more relax and comfortable zone and will never stress out. With an easy to use functions can be found within reach.

After a long ride and feeling tired, Inside the truck cabin there are beds for the driver to sleep or relax to recharge their energy.