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The main business driver of SARABURI Truck Sales

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    Mr Sakchai Leesavan
    The Chairman have been working under Mr Somboon (founder) since he was born in Automobile and Trucks business. It is running in his blood. The chairman wants to pass on his business to his two sons and develop business in a stronger position. With any new business opportunities arise the Chairman will deeply studies to see any linkages.
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    Mr Tanos Leesavan
    Managing Director
    After working several years Mr Tanos went on to studied Chinese Language in Shanghai and then spend quality time working at CP group in Shanghai under Research and Investment team. Mr Tanos  is an active person that willing to develop inner core of family business  Mr Tanos is also interested in modern technology.
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    Mr Varit Leesavan
    Managing Director
    After graduated from University Mr Varit have passionate in working under Chairman’s shadow as this is our family business I like to fulfilled the dream in expanding family businesses to be known around Thailand. Mr Varit also a professional actor that meets new people at all time.



We are the legend

Saraburi Trucks Sales Co., Ltd was formally known as Somboon Commercial Vehicles Store and established in 1932 in Nong-kae district, Saraburi. Later on Mr Somboon Leesavan and Ms Supa Leesavan got engaged and during their time they have sold Benz, Dezoto, Fargo, Deutz and Ford and also have business in Shell.

During 1957 – 1972 we are the first authorize 11 agents for Isuzu pick ups and commercial vehicles in Thailand which we re-located our 10 rai landscape to Hin-kong, Saraburi next to the metropolitan police station on the main. road. By Tom Yum Koong crisis we decided to stop working with Isuzu and helped PTT PLC into the energy power which is known as CNG. With our knowledge and studies we came up with CNG trucks, whereas, we are the first person to dedicate gasoline and diesel to CNG 100% and it became a successful and for the future of Thailand. Today we expand our size to 26 rai to be able to take care of our customers. Moreover, we have CNG station installed at the front of our showroom. which, is the first CNG station in Thailand too.

Nowadays, we have import commercial vehicles from China – FAW, First Automobiles Works. Our products are way above the standards from China not only in size and quality but also in prices too – cheaper than Japanese trucks at 800,000 Baht. With our 50 years experiences in both Isuzu and CNG we have modified our trucks to specialize only for Thai users and market. Not only our products is cheaper, our warranty and after sales service offers more than any other companies. With our 24-7 mobile service we surely you we never experience any where else with our friendly employees. Moreover, our spare parts are also cheaper than Japanese 30% with every items. The company would like to welcome our new and old customers to taste and experience in our trucks and all round services. With our experiences in the business we surely our customers will satisfy in our products and services.

  • To create the right source of environment for the people to inspire and become creativity.
  • Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference to the world encourage others to ‘go green’ and produce less waste e.g. CNG vehicles
  •  To become Thailand’s best leading company in CNG vehicles.
  •  To inspire moments of happiness and make a difference.
  • Create a greater knowledge, understanding and experience in trucks business to our employees.
  • Maintain our quality and standards in what we do well.
  •  Focus on the needs, learn and observe what customers wants.
  • Have encourage to change and adapt to the coming storm/environment.
  • Rewards our staffs when taking risk and come up with a better strategies when dealing with solving problems.

Mr Sakchai Leesavan is the president of the STS which has modified all of our FAW trucks to fit with the needs for the users in Thai market. During our first year, in 2012 we have sold 300 units. It is a big achievements that we looking forward to establish ourselves in a bigger stage. For 2013 we have a target to reach – 600 units  with our strong policy we here to keep introducing good quality products for our customers. During this time Mr Tanos and Varit Leesavan has joined the company to able to gain further experiences into the business. Both of them is here working with another 100 lives of  hard working people is the future of the company. Thus, this company will do its best to strive and bringing the best quality trucks for our customers to able to achieved their goals with success and to spread the words “THE MONEY MAKING MACHINE” is only at Saraburi Trucks Sales.

  • Shield – 1st price in sales for Isuzu trucks 1991-1992-1993
  • Shield – 1st price in service center 1991-1992-1993
  •  Shield – 1st price in sales real spare parts 1991-1992-1993
  •  1st price in knowledge and skills for mechanics 1994

We are here to share our experiences and passed it on to our dear customers, we see our customers as our first priority. We will give our customers with full satisfaction in our work and to be able to lead and help our customers to succeed in their business.